what is the state flower of Alaska

What is the state flower of Alaska? It’s a wonderful Forget-me-not flower! We invite you to get to know it better)

The nature of Alaska is mysterious and wild, with a harsh climate and polar night. This is an exciting mountain and sea landscape, in the South of the fertile land and numerous forests. Alaska is an American state that occupies the largest area compared to other States, but with the lowest density of inhabitants. The nature of Alaska is an amazing and beautiful place on the planet. Tourists come here to admire the unspoilt nature and see local attractions.

Flowers in Alaska
Flowers in Alaska

Forget-me-not flower (Myosotis alpestris) is the main symbol of Alaska

Forget-me-not flowers are a very popular plant around the globe, which serves as a landscape design decoration. It will look beautiful and tender on any flower bed. There are many varieties of forget-me-nots. The flowering period reaches up to 7 weeks. Planting forget-me-nots flowers is a fairly simple procedure that a novice gardener can handle.

Alaska flower
Alaska flower

Planting and caring for Alaska state flower

Here are some recommendations for planting Alaska flowers that you need to follow:

It is recommended to plant forget-me-nots seeds immediately in the soil on your lawn, and they will always take root well. It is best to plant in the middle of summer.

In advance, you need to prepare the ground for forget-me-nots. It needs to be fertilized (humus and peat) and slightly moistened. It is recommended to loosen the soil slightly.

Plants in Alaska
Plants in Alaska

Make small holes at a distance of 3-4 cm. Plant the seeds and lightly sprinkle with ground. It is desirable to cover the crops with natural material, so that the seeds will take root. After 2 weeks, you can open the seeds.

You can also plant forget-me-nots with cuttings. To do this, you must: Before planting, dig up the ground, lightly water it for moisture, and fertilize. After that, plant cuttings and the plant can easily take root in a new place.

Forget-me-not has several ways of propagation: seeds, division, cuttings, and using seedlings. You can consider all the methods separately:

Seed method. Before planting seeds, it is recommended to soak them in water with the addition of salt. Seeds that have surfaced are considered bad they should be selected, and the rest can be safely planted. After 3 weeks, you can see the young leaves.

Forget me not seeds
Forget me not seeds

The division of the parent plant (the root). This propagation is suitable for that type of plant. Forget-me-nots can easily get along in new places. Their cortical system is very good, so you can safely divide the roots and the plant will not suffer.

Cuttings. This type of reproduction is very suitable for forget-me-nots. Cutting forget-me-nots is well tolerated in good weather. It is best to perform this procedure in the early summer. It is necessary that the cuttings stand in the input until the roots appear. Then you can safely plant in the open ground.

Plants in Alaska

With the help of seedlings. The seeds should be planted in the greenhouse first. It is best to plant in late spring or early summer. When young leaves appear, it will be necessary to carry out a dive procedure (i.e., align the roots) and at the end of summer, you can plant the plant for permanent residence.

Care for the forget-me-not flower

When caring for forget-me-nots, you need to adhere to certain rules:

We must not forget that this plant gets along well in a more shaded area. Protect them from the sun’s rays.

The soil should be moist, clay, or sand.

Do not overfill the flowers too much. Because of this, they can get sick and stop their growth.

Weeding should be done in moderation. Forget-me-nots don’t like being disturbed very much. Fertilize the flowers at least once a month. You can prepare your own infusion for fertilizer. To do this, you need to dilute 1 teaspoon of urea, potassium sulfate, and nitrophosca to 10 liters of water.

The biggest fan of eating the plant is aphids. That would not happen it is necessary to give proper care to the flowers.

Powdery mildew can also overcome the plant. This is due to too much watering.

Forget-me-nots grow well in new places. Therefore, the transplant is not terrible for them.

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Interesting legends and facts about Alaska flowers

There are various legends about the origin of forget-me-nots, often very similar to each other, they come down to one thing, that it is associated with purity, kindness, and loyalty. They tell about the tears shed by brides when parting with their loved ones. These tears turn into flowers as blue as their eyes, and the girls give them to their lover as a souvenir.

Alaska flower

The oldest known myth comes from Ancient Greece. Flora, the goddess of the plant world, gave all her wards wonderful names, but she forgot about the inconspicuous little blue flower… And as the goddess passed by, he whispered after her: “Don’t forget me…” This is exactly what flora named it, giving it the ability to return to everyone who looks at the flower, the memory of a forgotten home, loved ones and relatives.

In the middle ages, it was believed that the name of the forget-me-not should serve as a constant reminder of God. Forget-me-nots in the middle Ages symbolized the heavenly eye. In this regard, a celestial eye was carved out of wood, surrounded by a wreath of forget-me-nots, with the inscription: “Remember me».

Forget-me-nots are also considered a magic herb: a wreath of forget-me-nots placed around the neck of a loved one charms it and holds it stronger than any chains. The same power is attributed to the roots of the plant.

what is the state flower of Alaska

If you hold the blue flower of the marsh forget-me-not over the smoke of a cigarette or cigar, the flower will turn green.

You can also eat candied forget-me-nots (those who have them, of course). Here is the recipe for their preparation: on the petals with a thin brush, carefully apply a thin layer of beaten egg white, sprinkle with powdered sugar through a strainer and dry on a paper towel or napkin. By the way, powdered sugar can be pre-colored to match the color of the flower. And forget-me-not flowers can be frozen in ice cubes intended for juice and cocktails.

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