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Do mosquito plants work?

Plants that Repel Mosquitoes

If you are having trouble with getting bitten by mosquitoes in and around your home, you really need to look for plants that repel mosquitoes. These plants have certain chemicals that keep mosquitoes at bay so you and your family won’t have to suffer from getting bitten time and time again and also prone to diseases like malaria.

repel mosquito

Mosquitoes are often seen in tropical countries where the temperature is just right for them to breed. Also, they tend to breed in stagnant water which is sure to be a problem in most households everywhere. If you have enough space on your property to plant plants that repel mosquitoes, well and good. On the other hand, having them in containers is also advisable because you can bring them with you indoors.

Different Types of Plants that Repel Mosquitoes:


Catnip has plenty of uses aside from being cat food and stuffing in toys. You might be surprised that this particular herb is considered to be among the list of plants that repel mosquitoes.


The oil that comes from catnip is actually quite effective in repelling mosquitoes compared to other mosquito repellents out there. You can plant catnip near your deck to help keep away these creatures especially at night.

Citronella Grass

Another example of plants that repel mosquitoes is the citronella grass. Although this plant is not ideal for the backyard because it grows up to six feet, the oil that comes from this plant can keep mosquitoes at bay.

does citronella plant repel mosquitoes
Does citronella plant repel mosquitoes

Citronella grass is where the citronella oil is derived from which can be burned to help remove mosquitoes in the area.

If you want lush bushes, it will be better to plant it in containers and then put them in a warm room in winter.

Do citronella candles repel mosquitoes?

Candles with citronella can repel mosquitoes, but the radius of action does not affect all mosquitoes, but selectively. The farther the distance from the candle, the less effective the action. In addition, a small concentration of citronella oil in candles will not allow this to be done in full.


Marigolds also fall in the list of plants that repel mosquitoes. In fact, it can repel almost any kind of insects out there because of its unusual smell.

marigold repel mosquitoes
Marigold repel mosquitoes

Marigolds are best described as annual plants. Its flowers are often in the range of yellow to dark oranges and even reds. Having them in your garden or indoors can be quite beneficial on your part because they are not only attractive to look at but can also keep those dangerous and annoying mosquitoes away.


Rosemary has more to offer than just adding more flavor to your dishes. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best examples of plants that repel mosquitoes. The oil that comes from this herb can actually stop mosquitoes which is why it is the perfect addition to your garden.

rosemary repel mosquitoes

This tropical plant is not really made for places that have cold temperatures so you can just place them in a pot and bring them indoors if the temperature drops.


A Mediterranean plant that requires a lot of heat and light. Only one species can be grown in the middle lane, but for the winter, lavender is usually cleaned in a warm room. Therefore, it can be planted in flowerpots near the bedroom windows, like other plants that repel mosquitoes. Her strong spicy smell will give good sleep.

does lavender repel mosquitoes
Does lavender repel mosquitoes


Brilliant purple or bright green leaves can have completely different aromas depending on the type of plant: anise, camphor, lemon. Basil is absolutely unpretentious. It can be planted in the ground with seeds or seedlings, but only after the threat of frost disappears.

does basil repel mosquitoes
Does basil repel mosquitoes

Excellent repels flies and mosquitoes. They do not fly closer to him one and a half to two meters. If you grind a leaf of a plant in your hands, then they certainly will not come close to you.


These are but a few examples of plants that repel mosquitoes that are worth considering when battling these annoying creatures from your home.

Of course, these plants aren’t the only ones that can help make your mosquito problem disappear. There are other methods to use too like cleaning your surroundings and making sure that there aren’t any water accumulating on pots, old tires and such because they are the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.


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