acacia tree and ants

Acacia tree and ants. What unites them? How strong are ants, do they have brains?

In this article you will find interesting facts about ants and answers to questions:

  • Acacia tree and ants. What unites them?
  • How much can ants lift and how much does an ant weigh? How strong are ants?
  • Do ants have brains?

Acacia tree and ants. What unites them?

The relationship of acacia with ants is quite surprising, the tree is literally able to control ants. The relationship of acacia with ants is an example of symbiosis, that is, useful cohabitation. This study was conducted by scientists from the University of London, led by Nigel Raine, a well-known specialist.

acacia tree and ants
Acacia tree and ants

Acacia are trees and shrubs from the legume family. There are almost 800 species and some of them belong to the long-lived plants. They are mostly tropical or subtropical plants. To protect against herbivorous animals, acacia has developed an interesting protective mechanism – it has bitter barbs and bitter taste. In addition, acacia has practically enslaved an entire species of ant that actively protects this tree from hungry animals.

acacia tree
Acacia tree

Acacia ants love these trees for huge spines, inside which nests can be arranged. Sometimes the ants of Pseudomyrmex ferruginea even equip their homes on top of acacia spikes. What attract ants? To attract insects to its branches, acacia produces sweet nectar for adult insects and grows protein-rich pods for ant larvae. The acacia tree becomes such a cozy home for these insects that they are taken with all jealousy to protect it. Up to 30,000 ants sometimes live on acacia. Ants climbing a tree and will sting any animal that tries to treat themselves with acacia leaves, and will also deal with other plants if they obscure the light, and will certainly get even with harmful fungal colonies.

The acacia is so much interested in the attachment of these caring ants that it produces a very unusual nectar, which includes enzymes that prevent the symbiotic species from consuming other types of sugars in the future. If an ant wants to relocate to another plant, it will end up just dying of hunger without its usual nectar.

It is known that ants even destroyed grass around acacia so that it would not attract animals capable of hurting the tree.

How much can ants lift and how much does an ant weigh? How strong are ants?

Scientists have found that ants boast not only enviable “workaholism,” but also striking physical abilities.

The average weight of an ant varies depending on the species from 1 to 150 milligrams. Common black and red forest ants weigh about 5-7 milligrams. Pharaoh ants are the lightest, all known pet pests, and some tropical ant species, as small. The mass of the ant from the caste of workers in these species is 1-2 milligrams.

And some of the largest ant species are the South American bullet ant and African vagrant (Dorylinae) ants. The working ant weighs up to 90 milligrams. The vagrant ant uterus weighs as much as it weighs 200-700 working individuals.
But in ants it is not even interesting how much they weigh, but their ability to lift very heavy compared to the weight of their body objects.
Today, it has been verified that, on average, an ant raises a weight 50 times its own – for example, up to 100 mg carries each working leaf ant. It is interesting that in ant-leaf-cutters soldiers weigh several tens of times more than ordinary workers, and uterus – 700 times!
The force of the ant exceeds the force of human by about 25 times.

Do ants have brains?

Experts concluded that the ant’s brain contains about 250,000 brain cells.

The human brain for comparison contains more than 86 billion neurons.

Ants brains
Do ants have brains? Do you believe seeing this picture?

However, for the ant, its brain is quite powerful. Ants are widely considered to be the smartest insect in the world.

The Ants Go Marching

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